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Expository essay on how to make ice cream

Sep 27,  · Expository nonfiction might well be technical writing, where you tell your reader how to use a product. It seeks to explain or inform. Expository expository text is nonfiction reading material.

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There are many different flavors of ice cream [7]. Ice cream often has things added to it for flavor, like chocolate chipsnutsfruitcookie dough, sweets, sauces or small candies. Traditionally, the three most common flavors are vanillachocolateand strawberry. There are ice cream flavors that are very similar, such as French vanilla, vanilla bean, dark chocolate, chocolate chip, and strawberry cheesecake.

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Chocolate chips, or little pieces of dark or white chocolate, are a common literature review saturation to ice cream.

Three common chocolate chip ice creams are chocolate chip made with vanilla ice creammint chocolate chip or mint 'n chip made with peppermint, spearmint, or creme de menthe ice creamand chocolate chocolate chip.

Peppermint ice cream without chips is also a common flavor. Many ice creams contain fruits. Besides strawberrycommon fruit flavors are cherryraspberryblackberryand peach.

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Some citrus fruits, such as orange and limeare made into sherbets instead of ice cream. Nut flavors include butter pecan, butter almond both of which contain vanilla or caramel ice cream with nutspistachio, and peanut butter. Coffee mocha, cappuccino, espresso and caramel English toffee, butterscotchrum are also common ice cream flavors.

Vanilla Ice Cream

There are many ice cream flavors that contain some mixture of chocolate, fudge, coffee, caramel, nuts, and marshmallows. The most common of these is Rocky Road chocolate ice cream, nuts and marshmallowsbut others include Mocha Almond Fudge made with almond nuts, fudge, and coffee ice cream and Tax Crunch coffee, nuts, and malt powder Some ice creams are a mixture of two or more ice creams.

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Neapolitan is a mixture of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry; while spumoni is a mixture of chocolate and various fruit flavors. Rich creamy smooth and firm from the butter and milk that had been beaten into it to add to its flavor and smooth texture. Then came the bowl full of oxtail stew. Its rich dark brown color was set off by the white bowl it was in. The gravy was thick and rich.

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I could smell the aroma of europass curriculum vitae romana, garlic, and herbs and spices drifting up from it into my nose. My mouth watered in anticipation. Now I took the silver spoon and dipped it into the bowl of potato.

It smoothly penetrated the firm fluffy white mound.

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I lifted the spoon and turned it over on my plate depositing a mound of potato. I repeated this 3 times. Then using another spoon I scooped up spinach dripping white sauce and put it on the plate beside the potato. The dark green Spinach was hot, the white Sauce melted and it contrasted with the creamy potato.

Now after a second helping of spinach I took another larger spoon.

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I dipped it into the rich brown stew and stirred it. Then I scooped up a chunky slice of oxtail. Several other pieces followed that one onto my plate, the rich brown meat, contrasting with the dark green spinach and creamy white potato. The succulent meat gleaming with a coating of rich gravy and the aroma of gravy, garlic spinach and potato blending in the steam rising from my plate.

I scooped up gravy from the bowl and trickled it mfa creative writing programs in boston the white potato catching the scent of red wine. I broke the roll and spread butter on it and I was ready to eat.

Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

Now the decision where to start, so I bit into the fresh crisp roll and tasted its warm soft texture and the melting butter. By then I had decided to essay the potato with gravy and the spinach.

The potato was smooth, with a taste of butter expository powered with the tangy gravy, its garlic and hint of good red wine in ice. The spinach was a good foil. Smooth with its cream texture and plain white sauce it softened the make of the gravy. Then I used my fork and removed the how meat from the bone.

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Raw Materials Today, ice cream is made from a blend of dairy products cream, condensed milk, butterfatsugar, flavorings, and federally approved additives. It may need mixing once or twice before it's done if the ice decides to be difficult. There is documentation to the effect that Jefferson and Washington both served ice cream on special occasions and took interest in ice cream recipes.

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Ice cream flavors have come a long way from the standard vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Before you start and as you read the story, ask the child to keep a list of all the things you have just talked about: