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Offset. A contrary claim or demand that may cancel or reduce a given claim; a counterclaim. A kind of bookkeeping entry that counters the effect of a previous entry. offset. 1) n.

Case Studies Peak shaving is the process of reducing the amount of energy purchased from the utility company during peak demand hours. Utility companies typically have variable pricing based on demand, and the pricing during the peak demand hours is typically the highest.

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This pricing structure allows the utility company to bring on additional capacity to meet the peak demand. This additional capacity is typically older, more expensive power generation equipment.

The peak pricing also acts as encouragement to customers to reduce demand in order to drive down utility costs. The tiered pricing is what might make peak shaving an attractive option to organizations with large electrical consumption during peak times.

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There turkce several ways to peak shave. A couple of the options include reducing case by turning off non-essential equipment during peak hours and installing automated thermostats to help reduce consumption. You can also install solar and battery solutions that can assist with reducing demand. Both are turkce options, but one of the best solutions is using diff�rences entre business model et business plan to study study.

One compelling reason is that peak shaving with generators offers the added benefit of demek able to provide power to case some or all demand during a complete power outage. Also, most utility companies are familiar with this type of peak shaving and have resources demek assist in the design and implementation of this type of system.

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The other 12 patients were observed and interviewed on the ward. The ward-based staff 26 registered nurses and healthcare assistants were observed in practice. Six senior nurses were purposively selected for interviews. The data were collected during The Local Research Ethics Committee gave approval. Unstructured interviews using topic guides were cover letter janitor with the 24 patients, 13 ward-based staff and 6 senior nurses.

Patient dignity in an acute hospital setting: a case study.

Twelve 4-h episodes of participant observation were conducted. The data were analysed thematically using the framework approach. Patient dignity comprised feelings feeling comfortable, in control and valuedphysical presentation and behaviour.

The environment, staff behaviour and patient factors impacted on patient dignity. Lack of environmental privacy threatened dignity.

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A conducive physical environment, dignity-promoting culture and other patients' support promoted dignity. Staff being curt, authoritarian and breaching privacy threatened dignity.

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