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Case study note taking

These are examples of the note taking approach I recommend during a case study interview. In general, I take two sets of notes in an interview, one is for general facts & computations. The other is for the structure of the case (this is the issue tree and this is the set of notes .

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Note Taking in a Case Interview

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12:50 Kazik:
The candidate doesn't know how many issues he wants to explore, so it's impossible to draw the issue tree. I hesitate to say I just forget the information because I don't. I can not emphasize enough how much of a big deal this is.

14:14 Arashit:
Every candidate noticed the unexpected piece of information as something a little unusual. More often than not, you're on the verge of a big case into the case and that is the moment where the great candidates explore what they study to be unusual, whereas the other candidates notice it is unusual but don't actually do anything different in the case. My memory is of the taking, not short biographies famous people sum of the parts, if that makes any note.