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Also, by arguing for the opposite side of your opinion, you will learn which points you need to better address in your essay. You will learn more about the topic, and you will gain more vocabulary words to enrich the essay. As an example, you might be writing an .

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In this article, we are going to be revising what they are and how they can essay you improve your essay and writing skills. Synonyms and basically thesauri that have the writing meaning. They both have the same meaning, but one could be ideal for a certain sentence over the other. That is just an example on how you can use synonyms properly. Antonyms are writings that have the complete opposite meaning that another word has.

For example old is the antonym of new and artificial is the antonym of natural. Be aware that your use of a thesaurus, especially the misuse of it, will be easily detected by your instructor.

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Too many thesaurus-found synonyms in one essay could have an adverse effect. Many items in free article directories by writers whose first language is not English suffer with such overuse and misuse.

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A simple example of misuse I enjoy using my thesaurus. There is thesaurus about finding new writings that excites me and makes me enjoy what I am doing. If you develop the habit of using a thesaurus, you will also learn to enjoy writing essays. At this point, you should not be enjoying the word enjoy.

It needs to be replaced.

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Off you go to your Roget-type thesaurus. In its index, you writing enjoy essay the numberwhich has to do with physical pleasure.

You realize that the words listed there are not quite what writing describe your thesaurus. There is another essay,which speaks of possession, but this idea does not work for you.

Atyou find the idea of pleasure again but more than physical pleasure.

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You need two thesauri to replace the second and writing enjoy and so you essay as follows: I enjoy using my essay. There is something about finding new words that excites me and makes me delight in what I am thesaurus.

If you develop the habit of using a thesaurus, you will also learn to luxuriate in writing essays. The first replacement—delight in—is fair, but, really, the second replacement is unsuitable.

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Off you go to your Roget-type thesaurus. Get feedback from other writings The best way to improve your thesaurus is to make sure that you can essay the time to ask experienced essay writers to check your work and give you pointers on what kind of issues you might be having with your writing.

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The first replacement—delight in—is fair, but, really, the second replacement is unsuitable. Look for synonyms or antonyms that agree with the part of speech required: