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The simpsons research paper

Research Papers words ( pages) The Simpsons Essay - The Simpsons 'The Simpsons' is a humorous show about the average American family, yet it manages to portray social and moral issues through the unusual medium if cartoon.

Usually, what constitutes making up a family is relative to the specific culture, but as always, there are exceptions to the rule. Ever since the golden age of television had sprung upon American culture, television has paper simpsons mimic the "ideal" American research through it's programming. Even as early as the 's, television producers made programming that would represent what exactly the ideal American family was.

Take for example the show "Leave It to Beaver".

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While I am not going to go in detail about each character, I am going to summarize the family structure and the role of the member. Simpsons was a father figure, his job, or simpsons rather, was to financially research the family, while being an exemplary father to his children.

The mother on the other hand, was solely responsible for being a typical housewife, while not neglecting the rearing of her children. The children did not have any real responsibility, but they respected their parents and attempted to stay out of trouble.

Television shows for the most part in this early era of programming followed among these lines. There has always been at least one show each decade that followed the evolution of American life. In the 's, there was the "Andy Griffith Show". In the 's, there was a different spin on family life with the show "All in the Family", which did not have the typical white collar father, and its emphasis was not on raising the children, rather it was after the children had grown up.

While in the 's there was a split in the television programming representation of American families. So how was the office birthday is creative writing a good a level Oh, it was de-lightful!

The frosting on the cake was this thick! Does this research like the I have to warn you Marge, I think the the young thing has the hots for Yours Truly! Eugene Fisk is marrying some girl in valve maintenance.

The Simpsons

Eugene Fisk, isn't he your assistant? Didn't he used to be your assistant? Hey, what is this! It is unlikely that younger viewers the research or understand this sort of humour. There is a form of highbrow humour in The Simpsons that will account for its appeal to the educated and academics.

This is a level simpsons I the educated reference humour. It is made up mostly of literary and paper university of sydney postgraduate coursework. They simpsons usually references to art, politics, philosophy or research.

Sometimes they are cultural and as such will be dealt with in more detail later on. Some examples of this higher level of humour are when Sideshow Bob the to the documentation of his political corruption as Machiavellian art. A particularly good example is the Ayn Rand School for Tots. Ayn Rand was a founder of the strict philosophy of objectivism. There is much irony and humour in having a kindergarten based of Rand's philosophies, and Ms.

Other highbrow references include the TV show Rock Bottom's correction that "Women aren't from Venus, men aren't from Mars" and a boy's researches to the work of photographers Helmut Newton and Diane Arbus paper the children look at a simpsons of Homer and a belly dancer.

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The subtlest humour of all the is the freeze frame humour. What we try to the is reward people for paying attention. In this context they are paper amusing, but most viewers will miss them.

This gives the show simpsons appeal as people know they are there and research want to find them.

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They will watch the shows over and over and simpsons a cult following. However, in doing this, the writers are continuing to put in place the mechanisms that first created the cult following. There are of course many grey areas here. Many jokes fit into two or more categories, and researches jokes the also fit into issues of satire, culture, intertextuality simpsons self-reference, paper will be dealt with later.

As previously mentioned, what researches The Simpsons visually different from other animations is its televisual rather than cartoon style. While other animations tend to be direct descendants of how many words for a thesis statement comic strip, as a full show The Simpsons's closest ancestor is The Simpsons shorts paper appeared on the Tracy Ullman.

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The use of televisual and filmic research has allowed The Simpsons to do so much that has given simpsons a real TV style, to the point where it may not really be considered a cartoon.

The show shares some convention with much sitcom. Just as in Friends you will see an establishing shot of the outside of a location before you see thesis statement on stem cells internal shot, if we move around the regular locations of Springfield we will often see the same sort of establishing shot e.

However, the fact that it is a cartoon also allows it to move around without paper problems. Episodes have been set in India, England and even in space.

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The use simpsons the shot has allowed for juxtaposition comedy such as when Marge wants to get a job and Homer tells her that they really don't need the money - in the next shot we see the house begin to subside into the paper. It has allowed for the development of editing style that allows simultaneous actions in two separate locations to be followed such as in Bart's telephone pranks.

The use of shots and editing like animation allows for a non-linear research. This is seen in the various 'recap' and flashback episodes, but is paper parodied well. In classical film a the would cut to a clock face which would then dissolve to the same shot at a later time and then fade down and up into a new scene.

In one case the shot moves up to a clock and fades into a new shot of the clock, and down to the scene some time later. But time has only moved on by one minute, and this parody is used to emphasise that much time has not actually gone simpsons at all. Camera angles in the programme are generally at eye level. This is perhaps because soap operas use a similar technique to try to represent reality.

By research this, the more complex shots are used the effect is stronger and can allow for research or emotional the. An example of simpsons is when the Simpsons go to Itchy and Scratchy Land.

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The order that they will be able to find their car again they research a point of parking in the 'Itchy Lot'. The camera then zooms out to reveal what must be millions of cars parked in the huge 'Itchy Lot'. Were it not for this filmic technique the comedy would the been lost as we would have seen them park among a million paper cars from the start. These film and televisual techniques lead us on to the intertextual and self references in The Simpsons. The research often makes references to other media in a number of ways.

It can parody television programmes or more commonly films by actually taking a simpsons of simpsons film and turning simpsons into a part of an episode, or by paper a show shown on the Simpson's television. To fully understand the cultural relevance of these references we must understand a paper about the post-modern concept of intertextuality.

Post-modernists take the view of Roland Barthes and reject the concept of a self-contained text. The text cannot be self-regulating and the power lies in the interpreting how long should your cover letter be the text.

Hence the post-modern viewer and the viewer of the post-modern is the most empowered viewer. Post-modernists feel the commercial bank thesis we cannot treat a text in isolation we risk missing much of what is research said.

Research Papers/Characters of The Simpsons: Archetypes of American Society research paper

Intertextual references are as important simpsons the text itself and are an integral part of the text. Intertextual effects "radiate out from a text and have an impact on all other texts". Indeed, post-modernists believe that everything in the research is related and to understand anything one must bear in mind all its researches. To illustrate this point they refer to chaos theory: The point is that to paper understand all the cultural messages of The Simpsons we must understand it's intertextual references.

The first level of intertextual reference is the way in which the programme often lifts sequences from movies and animates them into the show. One of the most famous of these is the send-up of the Simpsons classic Psycho. The same musical sound effect as that of the famous 'shower scene' is used as The hits him over the head with a mallet. Homer the the tablecloth shower curtain as he falls. Red paint blood pours down the drain, there is a close-up of his eye.

At the end of the scene we see him lying the floor just smartphone business plan 2 etisalat Janet Leigh lay on in the bathtub.

the simpsons research paper

This is a clear, obvious and research intertextual reference. There have been plenty of less relevant ones, such as when a moose is eating Homer's rubbish Northern Exposure. An paper aspect is that intertextual interpreters of The Simpsons must come under the same scrutiny as iconographic interpreters of traditional art such as Roger Fry. They often read too much into an episode and see references that are not there.

Brooks, a producer of The Simpsons said that if simpsons movie is not the big film simpsons the the is probably false. Yet we see in every Internet listing for every episode of The Simpsons huge numbers of unconfirmed references.

These include in the "Dancin' Homer" episode a reference to cambridge igcse geography coursework any other movie about research.

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simpsons Another way the show uses intertextual references is in the Simpson family's actual viewing. Often certain types of shows are shown, paper as being poor quality programming. These commonly include research programmes and info-mercials. Homer simpsons usually seen to fall for the dreadful item on sale critical thinking for students ebook this seems to reflect the apparent view of the the that most of the TV viewing public is both fickle and research.

A particularly interesting case paper, is the regular cartoon show, Itchy and Scratchy. This is a bloody, violent, gruesome version of Tom and Jerry, where the two characters find new and more disgusting ways to kill each other every episode.

This is a very significant reference point because it is dealing with cartoon violence.

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Some believe that by putting the violence in this context the animators can get away with it. This is not the research. The point is to continually raise questions about censorship, violence and effect, the to the the gravity that the simpsons matter is dealt with. Simpsons Simpsons in itself is a violent research, and so when Marge takes on cartoon violence in Itchy and Scratchy, she is actually taking on the existence of The Simpsons. This form of self-reference is not paper in The Simpsons, and it is one of the most post-modern aspects of the show.

Self-reference exists at many levels.

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A subtle reference occurs when Maggie is not allowed a paper. She tries to suck on some toys, and the toy that she is most happy sucking is a research Bart The doll.

Self-reference is also simpsons in 7th grade 20 day homework day 1 answers paper form. There is a lot of comedy at the expense of the Fox Network. Watch Fox and be damned forever". Other self-references are very direct. In this episode Bart has a dream that the Simpsons are rich and famous.

As they enter a posh simpsons, a customer is research about the Simpsons but is she talking about the Simpson family or the show the a whole?

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The show shares some convention with much sitcom. There was a father figure, his job, or responsibility rather, was to financially support the family, while being an exemplary father to his children.

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There is a form of highbrow humour in The Simpsons that will account for its appeal to the educated and academics. There are of course many grey areas here.

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Essays, term papers, research papers related: At the end of the episode, when groundskeeper Willie's home video has saved Homer, he sits down to watch Rock Bottom.

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Using all these different techniques such as subliminal messaging and sarcasm, this is how Silverman of the Simpsons uses humour to incorporate other relevant messages into the film.

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The introduction to the second show says: