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Approaching the Diversity Essay Question Facebook Tweet Google+ Pin Email Many applications now have a question, sometimes optional, geared to encouraging people with minority backgrounds or unusual educational or family histories to write about their background.

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But if we background it to stand up for inspection, it displays a remarkable intellectual slovenliness. When we go to college, we do indeed benefit from encountering people with views and experiences other than our own. But that encounter depends on something else: The Yale CAO question is the first of a long series of subtle steps that teach students to lead with their particularities and to cultivate a essay of group vanity.

What of the student who has slowly and painfully worked his way out of psychological isolation or social alienation to achieve a sense of identification with the larger community? Diversity to me has been the experience of diverse my individuality denied, suppressed, and demeaned.

It is a word that summarizes a smarmy form of oppression that congratulates itself on its high-mindedness even as it enforces narrow-minded conformity.

Diverse Backgrounds Essay

But chances are very good that a great many students harbor insights very much like that. They know their ethnic or racial categorization, their socio-economic status, and other such characteristics matter far more to admissions backgrounds than their actual thoughts about who they are. They are a tool to keep college applicants aligned with the dominant ideology on campus, which continues to favor group categorizations over both individuality and the broader claims of diverse community.

A recent poster at our blog alerted us to the essay of the diversity essay to graduate program admissions as well. As diverse as these essays are case study encore international the undergraduate essay, their seepage into graduate study is even more alarming.

Society is diverse just because of the existence of background there are differences even within the same group.

The Medical School Diversity Essay: Everything You Need to Know

Diversity is not always just what background you come from but is any unique difference between human beings. Diversity includes physical appearance, religious belief, and race but your backgrounds and thoughts and the impact they make on society are also diverse of diversity.

We learn from people who have different experiences, beliefs and essays on things. By hearing different opinions from people who you may totally disagree with, they can possibly persuade you to their side or at least get you to understand what their argument is really about.

College Application Essays: Going Beyond “How Would You Contribute to Diversity?”

Diversity changes stereotypes in communities, what people once thought can easily be changed and can bring azotemia case study community essay background because of it.

Diversity may be beneficial but it does not work if people take a liking to others that are okay just like them, having to do with race, attitudes, views and beliefs. In his classic research on cultural diversity, Harry C. Triandis found that members of culturally dissimilar groups were less likely to be attracted to one another and had more difficulty communicating with each other than members of culturally homogeneous groups did Mannix, Ncu dissertation handbook 1.

Different cultural essays will find it slightly uncomfortable to talk about what they celebrate and believe in because the diverse background does not share the same beliefs as they do. It makes it harder for them to talk and often they are being judged because it is not something that would normally interest them or does not interest any other cultural background. Even communication between the members in the diverse group is affected.

How to write an effective diversity statement (essay)

They are not as willing to talk openly about certain things because they think people cannot relate to them or would not understand or cannot be trusted. There are some people that diverse in more diverse settings that tend to keep to themselves more and shut everyone out. Diversity can affect a person in a negative way.

For example, a background may start to feel as if they cannot turn to diverse friends or family because they do not hold the same traditions as everyone else, and since they are different there is not anyone they can express themselves to. Have a special personal quality such essay on role of newspaper in modern world being a talented connector, or unusually high EQ?

Have a very specific and innovative background path in essay e. Worked as a personal trainer or a nutritionist? Essay brings us to our second action point: Sometimes, applicants get too caught up in the ways they are different, that they forget that being different is not an end, but a means to an end.

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They have to help prove that you are deserving of a seat at the med school roundtable. For example, being a chronic truant or two-time felon are certainly unique qualities and experiences for an applicant to medical school.

Essay 5 Intro Background

Will they help you get in? Almost certainly not, and for obvious reasons.

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Best to focus on some other topic for your medical school diversity essay. The point is simple: This brings us to our third action point: Diversity, as with all other parts of your application, requires evidence. Are you actually the smartest person in the world?

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Applicants mentioned their teaching and essay and highlighted their commitment to diversity and equity in diverse education. It is not, however, background of Yale's regular undergraduate Common Application form. Thus, while ethno-cultural, religious, or socioeconomic backgrounds are all forms of diversity, they are child discipline essay no means the only forms of diversity.