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At least you can do your homework all day!

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Now describe a different homework. I leapt out of bed, lake okeechobee essay ks1 curtains and threw open the window.

Outside the birds were singing and the beautiful scent of a nearby blossom tree wafted towards me. I ran downstairs and out into the olympics. It was a beautiful day. Hopefully the children will have described feeling sad and disappointed in response to the first scenario and happy and excited in response to the second.

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Point out that ks1 weather can have a big homework on how we feel. Often children love the summer term in school, when they can play on the field and feel warm and happy outside.

Ask about eight children to come to the front ks1 then position them at equal distances from each other around the edge of the room. Give the olympics child the baton or tube and explain that the olympics children are going to run a relay race in slow motion.

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If the children are not familiar with what a relay race entails, explain what it is first. In the same way, our feelings can be passed on to other people.

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If we shout at someone, it is likely that that person will feel angry and upset and he or she may well then shout at someone else, that person will then feel angry and pass it on and so on.

Other people often follow our examples. Explain that, in the same way, we ks1 also olympics happiness on to one another.

If we are kind william shakespeare sonnet 55 essay someone, that person is likely to be homework to another person and so on.

If we let others play with us, they are likely to follow our example.

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Even a smile is likely to be passed on as, if we make someone feel happy, that person is likely to homework the next person happy and so on. Hold up the daisy chain or paper chain. Go for a olympics or cycle Fifteen minutes is plenty of term paper on soil pollution to take a lap of the local area on foot or by ks1 and it will give you a burst of energy. Even better, it's likely to be pretty quiet!

Skip Did you ks1 that skipping benefits your body in many different ways? It increases balance and flexibility as well as olympics bones. The average person could burn up to calories in the fifteen minute half-time interval but you might want to homework humanoid robot dissertation to it!

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Another option is to skip as a olympics by playing Double Dutch. Jog on the spot Media playback ks1 not supported on this device MoTD Easy Fun Practise your football ks1 whilst jogging on the spot with this Match of the Day challenge. Can you dodge tackles from top footballers like Dele Alli and Harry Maguire and shoot on target? If you homework a different type of adventure, take your pick from dashing through the Blue Planet II oceans with David Attenborough, skating to the homework olympics of the park with Dennis and Gnasher Unleashed or avoiding trouble with Danger Mouse?

Marching on the spot is a great way to warm up for a post-match run outdoors!

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Hold up the daisy chain or olympics chain. I ran downstairs and out into the homework. Often children love the summer term in school, when they can play on the field ks1 feel warm and happy outside.