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How to write a research proposal nhs

Writing a PhD research proposal School of Law and Social Sciences Dr Caitríona Beaumont you can write in a clear, concise and coherent style • In cases involving research with the NHS, you must obtain approval from an NHS Research Ethics Committee before conducting research.

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For example, you might know there is a plethora of information relating to uses of stem cells for neurological issues, but your topic is one where there is very little formal literature.

Usually topics for research papers are assigned by your instructor. No matter what the topicvast or limited by current research, the following sections highlight the blog content writing services sections you should have in your research proposal.

Introduction The introduction of your research proposal should draw the reader into your topic.

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It should provide relevant information, potentially including statistics that indicate the enormity of the problem. The research proposal should also present a modest literature review citing existing research that supports both your topic and the relevance how a research that confirms or supports existing theory or research or that proposals new information to the academic world. As with any essaygood common app essay or thesisknowing there is a solid research base from which to draw is critical to your success.

Too narrow of a topic will not hinder your research proposal but when you are required to complete the write project, nhs limited amount of research will significantly hinder your ability to research your topic with due diligence.

Remember, only sources with academic credibility can be used.

How to write a research proposal

After your literature review, you should follow with a statement of need, for example: Therefore, this research proposal advocates the study of teenagers subjected to radiation therapy for breast cancer. Finally you should present your research question s. Recapping, you have introduced your research how, supported it with current literature and then stated act essay prompt new is missing from current nhs that your write research effort will provide, then provided your specific proposals and objectives for the research effort and stated the research question you seek to answer.

Each of these sections should represent their own section heads of your proposal.

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Methodology This is where your imagination and creative efforts pay off. The information in this write should also be supported with references. You link the topic and the research setting to the research aim of your study; in one nhs several sentences you describe the main aim of your study. In just a couple of sentences you talk about the paradigmatic world view, research design, research population and method how data collection you will be using for your study.

This proposal will be operationalized via a research study research design, using semi-structured interviews with experts.

How to write a research protocol

Our paradigmatic world view is social-constructivism. Theoretical background and conceptual model Here you go into more detail in explaining the concepts and theories that you will apply in your study. Different concepts and theories all deserve their own section here, supported with relevant literature and references. This is a graphic representation a figure which integrates the various concepts and theories into a single model.

The figure should provide an easy overview of how the concepts and theories relate to the research objectives of your study.

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There should also be a short text for explaining the model. Research methods This chapter aims to provide more elaborate information on the methodological aspects of the intended study. This section should provide a clear view on what the current research entails and how the topic will be approached by the researchers. This section is furthermore implemented to ensure the methodological soundness of the study.

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Important questions to answer here are: Is the study qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods? What is the specific research design? Is it an exploratory, explanatory or descriptive study? Descriptive research aims to present a highly accurate picture of the specific details of a situation, social setting, or relationship.

Exploratory research is used when the subject is very new, we know little to nothing about it, and no one has yet explored it.

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The aim of exploratory research is to acquaintance oneself with the basic facts, setting and concerns regarding the research topic. Explanatory research intends to test, elaborate and extend an existing theory; it aims to address why events occur and to determine which of several explanations is most plausible. What is your research population, and what are the relevant features of this population?

What sampling method will you be using and how exactly will you identify and include participants for your study?

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In case of conducting a systematic literature review, you provide an explanation of what type of literature will be reviewed, and how you will identify this literature Which search terms will you use? Which databases and search machines will you use? Firstly, you describe the instrument s of data collection you will use e.

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Robson suggests regarding the reader of your protocol as a cross between an intelligent layperson and a generalist in the discipline and this seems about right in terms of the tone of your protocol.

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How are you going to deal with missing data points? Are you going to test for normality of distribution if you planning on using a parametric tests YES! It is no point hypothesising gender differences on x, when no justification or lead-up to this has been included earlier.

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Please outline any plans for service user involvement later in the project. Issues about validity are also relevant in qualitative research. How results will be gathered and compiled should also be mentioned as should how your analysis will be generated.

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Remember that ethics committees don't like arbitrary older cut-offs - i.

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In grounded theory research, for example, the data analytic strategy include open coding, axial coding and the production of a conditional matrix. Each of these sections should represent their own section heads of your proposal.